Councilwoman Rosannette Kirby

"I love the City of Lovejoy! I love the thoughtfulness of our community leaders. City of Lovejoy cares about the citizens, and work hard to elevate them. The City of Lovejoy supports the endeavors of young professionals, entrepreneurs, small businesses and provide resources for families. Come to the City of Lovejoy! We will Love on you”. - Councilwoman Rosannette Kirby

About Councilwoman Rosannette Kirby:

Rosannette has a personal passion for education, and her personal mission is to place emphasis on the value of education by giving a chance to the youths in her surrounding communities, in Atlanta, NYC, and of Antigua and Barbuda, hoping that they will make a change to our future.

Rosannette would like to see the youth and children of all cultures, and all walks of life be more disciplined and wanting to work for a change. She strongly believes with my hands on involvement in projects and programs within the community and organizations, will make a difference for our Future and the Future of the youths we serve will surely be changed for the Better.

Professional History:

Rosannette is an accomplished Public Relations Professional, Motivational Speaker, College Recruiter, Teacher, and a Successful Entrepreneur.  She is a recognized and respected pillar in her Communities. Her strengths lies in building solid client relationships, creative campaigns and programming, trendsetting within the industry and strategy that scores top media placement.

Educational History:

She holds an MBA in Finance, a BA in Criminal Justice, and several other related certificates. She was awarded the National honor of: “Woman of Excellence in 2016”. She is a graduate of Atlanta, Clayton County Grassroots Leadership Class of 2018.

Community Services:

Along with The Village Tutorial Enrichment Program, Rosannette also volunteer her time and expertise to various organizations, including, The Village Tutorial Enrichment Program ATL, Antigua and Barbuda Students Association USA, (ABSA-USA), the Kiwanis International of Atlanta, Lovejoy High School Key Club, NY Red Cross, Antigua and Barbuda United (ABAU), The National Black MBA Association of Atlanta, Lovejoy High School Cheerleading Team, and more.

  • Vice Chair: Clayton County Newly Formed License Review Board
  • Board Member: The Village Tutorial Enrichment Program
  • Board Member: Sidewalk University, NJ
  • Public Relations: Antigua and Barbuda Students Association USA
  • President: Antigua and Barbuda Alumni International

City Projects:

  • Promoting:  Healthy Lifestyle - Fitness/Wellness, Nutrition Education with our surroundings schools in Lovejoy. Having ours schools connecting with our Community Garden and learn to start their own garden.
  • Connecting our Generation Gap: Getting our youths to be more involved with events surrounding our community.