City Council

The City of Lovejoy is governed by a Mayor and City Council who are elected by the people of the City. The Mayor and City Council acting together are the Governing Body. All Governing Body members serve four-year terms. The Governing Body, being the elected representative of the people, adopts all ordinances and resolutions and determines the general goals and policies.

Business Sessions

  • Pre-Meeting 6:30 pm
  • Business Session 7:00 pm
  • Third Monday of each month

The City Council of the City of Lovejoy, after much deliberation and a vote on August 17, 2015, issues this statement to its citizens and the general public regarding its unanimous decision to appoint Mayor Bobby Cartwright as the City Manager. As an initial matter, it is important to note the facts of the City’s operation and the details surrounding the appointment:

Lovejoy Statement to Citizens (PDF)

Mayor and City Council Members

Bobby Cartwright, Mayor

Rosannette Kirby, City Council Post I

Marci Fluellyn, City Council Post II

Rebekah Holland Wright, City Council Post III

Mary Ann Carp, City Council Post IV

Meeting Agendas

City Council

Urban Redevelopment Agency

Lovejoy Development Authority