Financial Disclosures

Who Files a Financial Disclosure Statement

Every elected county officer, every elected county or area school superintendent and every elected member of a county or area board of education; and every elected municipal officer.

When To File a Financial Disclosure Statement

Public Officer:

A Financial Disclosure Statement is filed not before January 1 and not later than July 1 of each year that a public officer holds office (except the year of election). The information to be provided shall be that from the preceding calendar year.

If the public officer chooses not to run for re-election or for another public office no Financial Disclosure Statement need be filed in the year qualifying to succeed him takes place. A public officer shall not be deemed to hold the office in a year in which the public officer holds office for less than 15 days.

Candidate for Public Office:

A Financial Disclosure Statement covering the period of the preceding calendar year shall be filed no later than the fifteenth day following the date of qualifying as a candidate.