Mayor Bobby Cartwright

Lovejoy Mayor:

Bobby was appointed to the City Council in 2002. In 2003, he was elected to serve representing Lovejoy Post 4. In 2005, the Mayor (at that time was Joseph Murphy) appointed Bobby to serve as Mayor Pro Tem. March of 2012, Bobby was elected to serve as Mayor of Lovejoy.

As Mayor, he presides over meetings and oversees the day to day affairs of Lovejoy. Bobby has served as a member of the Solid Waste Authority Board and actively participates in the Clayton County Municipal Association. He served as president of the association in 2014. During his service as Mayor, Bobby was instrumental in the Service Delivery Strategy, Local Option Sales Tax, and Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax Negotiations with Clayton County. Most noted for his creation of the Lovejoy City Garden, Bobby is a self-proclaimed small-town farm boy and has put his farming knowledge to good use, producing thousands of tons of produce a year for Lovejoy and Clayton residents. He has been an avid supporter of transportation and education for Clayton County. In 2014, he was recognized by the Clayton County Municipal Association as Mayor of the Year.

Professional History:

Bobby is an accomplished General Contractor by trade. He is the Owner of C & C Lovejoy, a construction company established in 2004. Bobby is a 13 year veteran of the U.S. Navy.

City Projects: