Office of the Chief


The Office of the Chief of Police oversees the administrative and maintenance divisions of the City of Lovejoy Police Department, which include Department Administration, the Office of Professional Standards, and Support Services. These divisions report directly to the Assistant Chief.

  • Chief Executive Officer of the Lovejoy Police Department
  • Delegate any of the responsibilities of the office to any of the Subordinates within the Lovejoy Police Department
  • Discipline, and recommend termination of, any departmental personnel, within Lovejoy Police Department
  • Promulgate rules and regulations, to establish policy and procedure governing the conduct of departmental employees, and the activities and operations of the Police Department
  • Ranking officer of the Department and shall have authorityover all personnel, sworn and non-sworn, within the Department
  • Responsible for the fiscal management of the Department, and shall prepare and submit an annual budget to the Mayor and City Council
  • Responsible for the selection, training, assignment, and promotion of all personnel
  • Submit monthly written reports to the Mayor and City Council outlining the activities, accomplishments, and condition of the Department